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Sonia the Giantess. Part 5 by RPM1000
Sonia the Giantess. Part 5
Meanwhile, up high in a modern apartment complex, Knuckles and his girl Rouge, having some "private" time together.

"Ah theres nothing like soaking  in a hot bath after a long day protecting the Master Emerald." he picks his yellow duck and squeaks it. "What's that Mr. Quack? Oh I love you to."

"Why not you put that duck away..." said Rouge wearing a sexy maids outfit, " and let me do my magic." She up from be hide and begin to clean Knuckles back with her long slender fingers.

"OH oh oh, miss Rouge, you just know were I like it."

"Well you know me, say why not we..." she was cut off in mid sentence when Knuckles scream like a little girl. "What the hell are you screaming about? Now let me finish..."
Knuckles pointed to his right and Rouge what he was screaming about. There just outside the window was Sonia, looking at both of them with hatred in her green eyes.

"Wha-wha-wha-" was all Rouge can say seeing that Sonia was a giantess. But they were 12 stories up, she must be over 100ft tall.

"What the hell do you think your doing with my Knuckles whore? All the fans know that me and Knuckles are a perfect couple!" Sonia said with rage in her voice.

All at once her giant came crashing through the window sending glass all over. Before Knuckles could make a move, Sonia grab hold of him leaving Rouge fearing for her life. Once at in the open  Sonia held Knuckles near her face. With her under finger she said, "You don't deserve her, you belong to me. I'm the giantess queen, and besides I think..." Sonia grab hold of her 60ft breasts and jolt them upwards and placed knuckles right on her hard nibble. "...I think your need to protect my "Master Emeralds." 

Knuckles grap hold of her giant nipple, it was the size of a two car shed. It's sheer size was massive, it was so hard it almost felt like rock. Sonia moaned in pleasure as Knuckles tried to hold on for dear life.
Just than Rouge appear from the broken window looking at Sonia. Sonia looked back, her cheeks blush with redness. "Tough luck bitch! Now who was the biggest breasts?"

Sonia started to walk down the main street smashing on cars and shaking buildings as she past. Rouge flew down to the street below and help with anyone hurt. She looked up again at Sonia as she stroll down between the rows of buildings, her giant ass bouncing of the sides of buildings.  Rouge knew something must be done, but what?
Sonia the Giantess. Part 4
Not far away was a campaign going on at the new Trump's Rent-a-car building. And standing on a wooden stage with two American flags was none other than Donald Trump in is usual black suit with red tie.

"Congratulations, you just brought your self a smart car from Donald Trump." he said in his over the cocky over the top voice. "Now with more Trump cars on the road, I will feel more special, if you think I'm special then your "special." The rows of people cheered and waved there hands.

"And lets face, the only person qualified to sell you a car is me. Now you won't have to worry about driving or parking, with Trump's smart car it does all that. It even comes with my app that tells you when you miss a Starbucks. Because with there over-the-price coffee your starting your morning wrong."
The people cheered even more and Trumps held up his right hand. "It is Genius!!! I'm telling you without me you will all be lost. Because we can't let China or Mexico win. There time is up, now I-I mean you-can show America that we are HUUUUUUUUUUGE!!"

"And let me say this, it is going to be..." Suddenly he stop in mid sentence. The ground all around was starting to shake. At first is was a small rumble but it quickly became big as the whole stage shook violently. Trump trap hold of the stage trying to keep his balance. His secretary quickly came and surrounded Trump fearing that someone in the now worry people may attempt to attack.  
"Hilary Clinton must be getting a mega fiscal." Trump said.

Just than a beautiful sexy nude giantess blocked out the sun.  The secretary took one look and ran for there lives leaving Trump alone. He took a look and saw that the giantess was a dark purple female hedgehog. She looked like she was over 100ft tall. Despite being a furry, half animal half human, she was quite good looking, especially her breasts.


But Sonia didn't wast any time. She slowly rise her right foot saying, "You had this coming pervert!" Trump her foot coming down on top of him. He try to run but trip on the flag post.
"Please have Mercy I'm to good looking to die!" But it was no use. Her foot came down with a CRUSH! A giant footprint was now covering the lot with Trumps smart cars ablaze. As the smoke blew Sonia stop a and looked down at the destruction she caused. She could see her footprint a Trump who was somehow still alive under his own sigh. With a smile Sonia said, "Kiss my ass, you just got TRUMP!!" 
And with that she walked on her way.
Copper River and Northwestern Railroad by RPM1000
Copper River and Northwestern Railroad
The old right-of-way of the Copper River Railroad that started in Cordova and ended at Kennecott 196.5 miles.
This bridge, or whats left of it, is along the old route to McCarthy Alaska.

Did this with color pastels, see if you spot the butterfly, enjoy!!!
Sonia the Giantess. Part 3
Sonia made her way through the crowded streets past tall buildings and skylines. She peeked around a tall office building and look over the area.
"Wow! This view is incredible! And look at all the tiny people and cars, there soooo cute!"
Everyone ran screaming for there lives in every direction. Every foot step shook the cars and buildings like a small earthquake.  As she  walked down the main street the buildings and space became very tight. It wasn't until her massive 60ft breasts got caught on one of the buildings. She tried to reposition herself but her firm butt scrape along another building.
"URG! Why did they make this so tight!" The cars and trucks on the streets below were not helping either. Her feet smash and scraped the cars as if they were toys. "Hope they all have insurance." said Sonia.
Finally the side of one building gave way and her breasts pop out and bounced freely. She stop and  trap hold of them. "Not a scratch on them, I know mother will be so jealous of these."
She decided to go down a much wider street and stop at another office building. It was all glass and she saw her reflection as if she was looking at her bathroom mirror.
"My my, that emerald sure did the trick," she moved closer to feel and play with her massive breasts. "Oh... there so sisitive and firm." The unexpected office workers inside could not but help stare at amazement at her massive nipples just inches away. they were the size of a Hummer. "Oh you perverts!" she said "You can't even handle them if you tried." She walked away leaving the workers all struck.
Sonia enjoyed the city but with her so big in size it was differcult to navigate with out causing damage. But she carry on without a care. This was her play ground, she can do anything she wants and when she stopped by a tall electric tower she stopped. "Those wires will surly kill me, but..." with her massive hand she grab hold and shook it until the wires snap. "...that should do it." With the wire out of harms way she walk past the damage she's done and look to see what more fun she can have. 
Sonia the Giantess. Part 2
Sonia crashed through the main wall like it was paper. One of the butlers looked up from the wreckage. Two massive legs walked by him, her massive ass blocked the sun. As she pas the butler took hold of her surroundings. Everything form the trees to the distance city was a mer toy. She can do anything and with her power, size and being princess to the Queen, no one can touch or her her what so ever.
She was on her way to the town."Now lets see what I can do, oh the possibilities are endless." she said with delight.
Central Station Square was a major city, with a population over 3 million people as well as Mobiles lived and work. Ever since the evil Dr. Eggman was defeated Sonia, Manic and Sonic were reunited with there mother after many years of separation. When Aleena the Hedgehog took hold of throne again she made her kingdom and all around free of evil. The city was rebuild and was modern with a mix tradition of new and old buildings. There was plenty of jobs and the ecormony was on the rise. Well everything changed when Sonia came. She walked down 10th Ave the buildings were like a scale model. Everyone took off as far as they could. Each time the buildings shook as Sonia walked. When she retched the heart of down town, she saw one of the tallest and oldest buildings, the Kingdom State Building, over 250ft tall. Now she could of grow bigger, but she wanted to have some fun. So she climb up simmilar to Kong or Godzilla in those old movies. It wasn't long be fore she made to the top.
"Wow what view. And to think this is all my for the taking." She spotted a tall building not to far away. "Ah that's were mother is at the National Assembly. I think I'll go and pay her a visit."

Part 2 of Giantess Sonia.
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