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Giantess Sonia Part 3
Sonia made her way through the crowded streets past tall buildings and skylines. She peeked around a tall office building and look over the area.
"Wow! This view is incredible! And look at all the tiny people and cars, there soooo cute!"
Everyone ran screaming for there lives in every direction. Every foot step shook the cars and buildings like a small earthquake.  As she  walked down the main street the buildings and space became very tight. It wasn't until her massive 60ft breasts got caught on one of the buildings. She tried to reposition herself but her firm butt scrape along another building.
"URG! Why did they make this so tight!" The cars and trucks on the streets below were not helping either. Her feet smash and scraped the cars as if they were toys. "Hope they all have insurance." said Sonia.
Finally the side of one building gave way and her breasts pop out and bounced freely. She stop and  trap hold of them. "Not a scratch on them, I know mother will be so jealous of these."
She decided to go down a much wider street and stop at another office building. It was all glass and she saw her reflection as if she was looking at her bathroom mirror.
"My my, that emerald sure did the trick," she moved closer to feel and play with her massive breasts. "Oh... there so sisitive and firm." The unexpected office workers inside could not but help stare at amazement at her massive nipples just inches away. they were the size of a Hummer. "Oh you perverts!" she said "You can't even handle them if you tried." She walked away leaving the workers all struck.
Sonia enjoyed the city but with her so big in size it was differcult to navigate with out causing damage. But she carry on without a care. This was her play ground, she can do anything she wants and when she stopped by a tall electric tower she stopped. "Those wires will surly kill me, but..." with her massive hand she grab hold and shook it until the wires snap. "...that should do it." With the wire out of harms way she walk past the damage she's done and look to see what more fun she can have. 
Sonia the Giantess. Part 2
Sonia crashed through the main wall like it was paper. One of the butlers looked up from the wreckage. Two massive legs walked by him, her massive ass blocked the sun. As she pas the butler took hold of her surroundings. Everything form the trees to the distance city was a mer toy. She can do anything and with her power, size and being princess to the Queen, no one can touch or her her what so ever.
She was on her way to the town."Now lets see what I can do, oh the possibilities are endless." she said with delight.
Central Station Square was a major city, with a population over 3 million people as well as Mobiles lived and work. Ever since the evil Dr. Eggman was defeated Sonia, Manic and Sonic were reunited with there mother after many years of separation. When Aleena the Hedgehog took hold of throne again she made her kingdom and all around free of evil. The city was rebuild and was modern with a mix tradition of new and old buildings. There was plenty of jobs and the ecormony was on the rise. Well everything changed when Sonia came. She walked down 10th Ave the buildings were like a scale model. Everyone took off as far as they could. Each time the buildings shook as Sonia walked. When she retched the heart of down town, she saw one of the tallest and oldest buildings, the Kingdom State Building, over 250ft tall. Now she could of grow bigger, but she wanted to have some fun. So she climb up simmilar to Kong or Godzilla in those old movies. It wasn't long be fore she made to the top.
"Wow what view. And to think this is all my for the taking." She spotted a tall building not to far away. "Ah that's were mother is at the National Assembly. I think I'll go and pay her a visit."

Part 2 of Giantess Sonia.
Sonia the Giantess. Part 1
The day started just like any other day. The sun rise up to a blue sky, the birds singing, the bees humming. Sonia, sister to the famous Sonic the Hedgehog, was looking at a beautiful emerald. This wasn't one of the famous Chaos Emeralds, no this was a special emerald that her mother gave to her just before she left for her meeting at the Nation Assembly. "This emerald has great special power," Queen Aleena said to Sonia earlier,  "It was pass down from the Gods for protecting from the forces of evil. But this emerald is so powerful, that it can distort the mind. I only used it once long ago and it was to much for me. I have confidence that you can control this power."
Sonia looked at the emerald puzzled. It was a yellowish-ish orangeish color and no bigger than her hand.
"How is this thing even work? I've tried everything and I feel no power. Mother just said all that for nothing."
But than something was happening, the emerald begin to glow bright, very bright. Than it got hot and she drop it to the floor.
"What was that? Wait. I feel strange..." She felt very hot and heard a ripping sound. Sonia looked and saw the her tight shirt was ripping. Not only that but her shorts felt very tight.
"What the fuck?! This is my best outfit! Why is it shredding?"
Sonia felt her toes rip right out of boots, her shirt ripped of and now only her bra and panties remained. Thats when she saw that everything around her was getting smaller, she was growing!
She felt an impulse through her body, her right hand was growing twice the size, She felt her whole body getting bigger, her breasts were protesting with her bra that was ready to snap.
"Oh no t-this can't be happening. I can't be like this, oh my breasts, there, there.." SNAP! her bra flew off across the room. Now her breast expanded to a D size cup, n]her nipples were as hard as a work and still growing. "Oh-oh there, so sensitive...I...oh god."
With one final SNAP her panties pop off. She rubbed her vagina which felt warm and pleasing. But she realized that the room she was in was getting to small for comfort, and yet she continue to grow.
"Oh no..I.. going through the roof!" And she did, with a loud CRASH she torn thought the roof and busted out of the castle. 
"Oh thats so much better.." she said stretching her hands out. Her massive 30ft breast torn the main wall down. A guard on the walkway was stunned as she grow upwards toward the sky blocking out the sun.
As Sonia grew she moaned in pleasure as her body became stronger and busty. The castle  north and south towers came tumbling down. By the time she reached 100ft tall her growth stopped.
She looked down at the hole which she burst out. Her 60ft breasts were cover with debri from the castle. As she swept and clean her body, her two brothers Manic and Sonic ran out to see what happen. What they saw made them run for the hills; there sister was a 100ft busty goddest.
"Ha! You better run now that I'm in charge!" her voice thunder through valleys and hills. She looked all around. "The world is my play area and I plan to take advantage of this new look."

Here is a 10 page giantess comic I started, there will be more on the way.
Giantess Sega Girls by RPM1000
Giantess Sega Girls
Sonia the Hedgehog: Get out of my way stupid train! Make way for your new Giantess Queen.
Now bow down to me, or suffer the consequences!

Blaze the Cat:  That goes for me also! If you wore ship me I'll let you be may slave and live to see another day.

Rouge the Bat: I'm just here for fun, but don't make me angry, or I'll get nasty and you don't want that.

Amy Rose: Hey don't forget about me! And if you do...well just use your imagination.

Queen Aleena the Hedgehog:! M-My daughter and her friends have become giantess!
What am I to do? And where did they get those huuuuuge boobs?!

Here's something I just finished and the title speaks for itself.
Did this with color pastels, ENJOY!!!
Mr. Hulot and his Little White Pass Red Caboose. by RPM1000
Mr. Hulot and his Little White Pass Red Caboose.
Jacques Tati was a french film director/actor and was famous for staring himself as Mr. Hulot a clumsily but lovable character who is trying to adopted to the new age of modern technology.
I had this idea from a children's book some rail fans should remember "The Caboose that got Loose" by Bill Peet, of Mr. Hulot's caboose broke and ran away from a fright train on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad and ran off the tracks and like the book it landed in two spruce trees and thus Mr. Hulot made into a tree house where he can see all the way back to Skagway Alaska.
Only Mr.Hulot can ever achieve that and pull it off.
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